• Martini - Infused with lemon, pressed ginger & basil
  • R350 • 500ml : 6-8 servings
  • Ingredients
  • Dry Vermouth | Gin | Lemon
  • Description
  • James Bond drank Martinis. We're not sure if you'd heard. This is what we believe to be the most elegant way to make a Martini, the dry way, the classic Martini. Gin. Dry vermouth, and not much of it. Extensive stirring. Lemon twist to finish. All you need is a chilled cocktail glass, an often overlooked step that will make a big difference, a steady hand, and a reasonably high alcohol tolerance. Enjoy.
  • Pop & Pour
  • 1. Give the bottle a quick shake
    2. Grab a martini glass and swirl around a few ice cubes to chill the glass, throw the ice
    3. Pop & Pour into the glass
    4. Garnish with a lemon twist
    5. Sip & Smile
  • Flavour Profile
  • Citrus | Dry | Smooth
  • Alc 42.7% - drink responsibly

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