• Litchi Martini - Infused with fresh litchi, rose water & raspberries
  • R350 • 500ml : 6-8 servings
  • Ingredients
  • Gin | Dry Vermouth
  • Description
  • The Litchi Martini is sooooo 90s, born in a decade of Asian fusion. If youre drinking them, its a symbol of worldliness, or as they say, beingin the know as this beauty was created in a tiny New York bar in 1993. As soon as this cocktail grew entering into Nobu and restaurants alike, there was no turning back. This delicious twist on the classic combines gin, dry vermouth and fresh litchi juice, while we infuse with rose water and raspberries to give a fresh edge to this sweet cocktail. We can guarantee our Litchi Martini will not disappoint
  • Pop & Pour
  • 1. Give the bottle a quick shake
    2. Grab a martini glass and shake with ice
    3. Pop & Pour into the glass, straining the ice
    4. Garnish with a single rose petal
    5. Sip & Smile
  • Flavour Profile
  • Sweet | Dry | Smooth
  • Alc 24.7% - drink responsibly

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