Friends & Founders

Hello, we’re two Negroni loving mixologists based in Cape Town and the Founders of Batch. It all started with our love of cocktails and our passion to make these at home, not only for ourselves but for friends. Before every dinner party we attended, we mixed up Margarita’s or Negroni’s at home and poured them into a glass bottle as a gift for the host or a friend’s birthday. After being known for “Bringing The Bar Home”, our friends asked us to bring our cocktails each time, to save them the hassle of making them whilst hosting (taking their time away from guests). Even when they asked for our recipes and infusions, we were always called when “..the recipe just didn’t taste like ours”. That’s because we hand craft and small batch our cocktails with care and precision, which means our cocktails taste the same every single time. We soon realised we wanted to share our passion for mixology so we founded our Artisan Cocktail brand, Batch.

Struggling with the recent strict guidelines prevented us from doing what we love the most which is socialising over a cocktail, we designed the ‘pop and pour’ single-serve drink, to share with our friends over a “Virtual Happy Hour”, without the effort of them making them. After enjoying a hint of normality (Zoom call drinking being the new night out...) we made it our mission to be ‘lifting spirits’ to others. That’s how Batch was born.

We're on a Mission

Our mission is to deliver hand crafted, single batch cocktails to your door, so all you need is the chilled glass, ice and a slice. Easy Peasy. A good cocktail takes time, expertise and the need for a lot of ingredients. So our barmen have resolved that for you by doing all of the hard mixing, then bottling each cocktail by hand.

Our delicious cocktails are available in two sizes:
500ml bottles offer four to six cocktails.
100ml bottles are good for a single taster.

Cape Town - Our Inspiration

At Batch we wanted to create a fun colour pop brand to bring the bar home, designed around and for the vibrant city that we live in. There's no better place for us to be inspired, than the colourful culture that’s the heart of our city. Each of our cocktails are made with love and the finest ingredients, to keep our locals happy.

Pop. Pour. Enjoy.