The Negroni

It all started with our love of Negroni’s. With endless summer nights spent on the Italian coast sipping a Negroni underneath piercing orange sunsets. Aghhh they are those moments that truly do not come finer. We then wanted a Negroni wherever we travelled to take us back to those moments and it was our chosen cocktail, in any bar. Our love of the Negroni inspired us to start Batch.

Our brand illustration is designed around the three equal ingredients; gin, campari and vermouth. We infuse our Negroni with rosemary, orange and graprefruit, crafting one of the most refreshing Negroni’s you’ll have tasted...

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The Old Fashioned

One of the most classic cocktails of all time, the Old-Fashioned is everything a great cocktail should be, strong and simple, yet ever so smooth (making it deliciously moreish to drink, dangerous we hear you say. We know....)

Our brand illustration for the Old Fashioned is based on the classic method of mixing the drink and its three key ingredients: bourbon, angostura bitters and sugar. We’ve infused our Old Fashioned with mint and orange, with a twist on the original by blending it with salted honey rather than sugar. This creates a wonderfully smooth drink with a smokey finish. Our label symbolises the traditional sugar cube, the slice of orange and the background colours are the 80 / 20 split of ingredients.

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The Martini

Gin Martini. Vodka Martini. Dirty Martini. Shaken. Stirred... There’s a few ways this James Bond classic can be served, however we like to keep ours true to the original. We have balanced out our flavours in this refreshing cocktail by infusing our gin with lemon and ginger, then we enhance our vermouth with mint. It’s a guranteed summer staple...

Our brand illustration for this cocktail was designed to be simple and elegant, just like the drink. Combing the neutral colour balance of the ingredients and only adding a light lemon peel. Simple, but beautiful.

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The Margarita

Our party starter, the Margarita. This cocktail was one of the main reasons we started Batch, alongside our love of the Negroni. Every party we attended, we mixed up Margarita’s at home and poured them into a glass bottle as a gift for the host. In doing so, it was then requested everytime because our friends wanted the cocktail, but without the hassle of making it....

Our brand illustration needed to be full yellow colour pops, as this is the only way to express the happiness a Margarita brings. Continuing the design, this three part cocktail is made up of tequilla, orange liqueur and fresh lime juice. We have taken ours two steps further by infusing our tequilla with candied lemon peel and finishing our Margarita with a pinch of smoked salt.

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